Beautiful star tattoos ideas for you

What do star tattoos symbolize?

star tattoos

Many assumptions are made using the history and nature of stars. So there are different perspectives and different meanings of having tattoo stars. Even these tattoos have different meanings on different parts of the body. Some people consider getting a star tattoo as a sign of good luck, some people can use it to guide themselves on the right path, some keep it as a symbol of memory of a loved one, who may have passed away.

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Some people consider it a good luck to have these star tattoos and to have positive attitude towards the hardships of life. As we all are well aware of the fact that stars are used for navigation purposes, not only by birds, but also by humans, so this is a sign of the right path to adopt. It may also symbolizes the way to be protective and caring to others. 

What effect does the star tattoo count have on its meaning?

star tattoos

It certainly has a lot to do with its meaning, as the number of stars can convey different meanings. For example, if a person has a 3 star tattoo, it literally means that the person wants to move forward in his life in a positive way to increase his abilities and achieve his goals. Their size may vary depending upon the choice of that person. In the same way, the star tattoo with 5 points (which is also known as nautical star) serve as a representative of the culture of the United Kingdoms related to the sea services. The 7 point star (heptagram) represents different meanings in different religions. 

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In Christianity, this is a traditional symbol for warding off  evils involved in the Catholicism (a term related to the believes of the churches in both western and eastern regions). This symbol is also used in Kabbalistic Judaism. In Islam, the heptagram is used to represent the first seven verses of The Holy Quran. In Aleister Crowley’s occult system Thelema, the heptagram is used in the symbol of Babalon. 

Most trending star tattoos ideas 2023

star tattoos

These tattoos can be made on different body parts like on the side of your face, on your wrist, on the front of your hand, on the neck or shoulder, on belly, on back, on legs and even on foot. They are not only different from each other on the basis of their position, but also on the basis of their design like the number of these star tattoos can be different, the size of these tattoos can be equal or unequal or any other possibility.  

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The designs may also vary in men and women usually depending upon the taste and nature of the people want to have it. The most trendy way to get this tattoo is on your wrist, as it is more desirable and shows good luck. You can seek guidance by observing different images posted earlier, to ensure yourself, which way you should adapt to make your tattoo unique, beautiful and comfortable. 

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