How to tell if a Bipolar Man loves you?

In this blog, I’ll enlighten you about the signs of a bipolar person. If you are questioning yourself how to tell if a bipolar man loves you then you came to the right spot here you will know about the bipolar person. So stay with me and one thing just sticks in mind every disorder is curable this one is also. So don’t be afraid if your partner is bipolar you should help him/her. 

In a relationship ups and downs are very common it is a sign of a healthy relationship. But what if you are in a relationship with a person who has Bipolar disorder? It will be very difficult for you if your partner is Bipolar it will bring a lot of challenges in relationships that are very hard to manage. You can address this disorder by considering it as dramatic mood swings. A person with Bipolar disorder does everything at an extreme level.

According to a recent study, approx 2.6 million Americans are suffering from bipolar disorder.  It means a lot of loved ones are facing many troubles. A bipolar person always reacts with huge energy at everything. They have an unusual amount of energy in them.  These people are mostly unable to sleep. They always look tired and sad. 

Signs of Bipolar Disorder in men

The signs of bipolar disorder are the same for women but they appear differently because of genderThe very common signs of bipolar disorder are as follows: 

Rounds of Mania and Depression 

If a man is showing some very intense actions in a euphoric state, rapidly speaking, shows a vast number of various ideas or shows intense anger or irritates you on tiny things. In bipolar disorder, mania affects so much the victim. 

Bipolar disorder patients suffer from rounds of depression and hypomania (not very severe symptoms that never reach the full criteria for mania). 

High Self-Praise  

Self-esteem is not an abnormal thing we always see people praise themselves for no reason even though we own also esteem ourselves. But looking down on others and having all-time self-esteem is a symptoms of bipolar disorder. It is very hard to recognize that is a self-esteem person is a victim of bipolar disorder or not. So by this symptom, it is very hard to tell that a bipolar man loves you

Refuse to admit a mistake 

Most men who are suffering from mental disorders are very hard men to admit their mistakes. They will argue with you for no reason and they will try to present themselves right and they will consider your decision wrong. But it only happens when bipolar patients live in no so liberal and free society. 

Weak in making decisions and harsh behavior 

People with bipolar disorder are not able to make the right decisions. They always show extreme anger and show unusual energy in everything. Risk-taking behaviors include hyperactivity, speechlessness, hypersexuality, abuse, drugs, alcohol, and other pleasure-seeking behaviors. 

Suicide thoughts

Suicidal thoughts are very common in bipolar patients. These thoughts are more intense in men as compared to women. So if you are observing that the men you are dating always talk about death or you have witnessed him doing  something unusual like an attempt of suicide then immediately concern this to a psychiatrist or seek help from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255)

Final thoughts

If you are also stuck on this question of how to tell if a bipolar man loves you and how can you know about it then I jotted all symptoms of bipolar disorder. If you observe these symptoms in your partner then don’t delay just take your partner to a psychiatrist and start his therapy. Death has no calendar but we have to be aware of all diseases. Stay healthy stay tuned. HIH now wishing you a healthy relationship I’m winding up my blog by making a fist!

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