How to tell if your car is bugged?

There are different ways by which your car can be bugged (this can be done by GPS trackers, audio and video recording devices or transmitters. In this article, we have discussed a complete method that will let you know how to tell if your car is bugged.

Signs showing your car is bugged:

There are some signs that you might see if your car is bugged. So, if you want to check if your car is bugged or not then check the following signs;

  • Unusual interference on your phone lines
  • Unusual sounds even when you’ve ended a call
  • Strange interference in your car’s radio or television

Check the inner and outer parts of the car carefully, following are some interior parts that you must check.

  • The data port underneath the dashboard and steering wheel
  • Under all the seats
  • Trunk
  • Spare tire compartment
  • Cargo flaps

Is there an app to see if there is a tracker on my car?

Yes, there is an app that can help you to find out tracking devices in your car. For this purpose, GPScanner app is used. This app will locate the Bluetooth devices present in your car, except your phone’s Bluetooth device.

How do you find a hidden car tracker?

You can use different methods for checking or finding the hidden car trackers. You can find it by using GPS scanners or by searching the inner or outer part of the car thoroughly. 

For what purposes your car can be bugged?

Your can be bugged for a lot of purposes. If you a business man then your car can be bugged for knowing your business secrets, or this can also be done for knowing your personal details. So beware while sharing your business secrets

What to do when you know that your car is bugged?

If you found any tracker or something like this you should immediately call the police and avoid to do any type of secret conversation in your car. Some people quickly destroy the tracker but you should not do this, because when you destroy the tracker stalker gets alert.instead of that you should replace the location of the tracking device in order to distract the stalker.

How to tell if your car is bugged?

It is best to inform police about it. Different methods are used to tell that your car is bugged. Here, we have discussed some tips you need to know for telling that your car is bugged. 

If you notice any strange sound (for example; a beep like sound) then your car might be bugged. You should turn on the radio of your phone, if there is some bug or any type of tracker in your car, then you will see unusual interference. If you see something not according to the daily routine (if you see some thing wrapped or tapped at any part of your car. Beware while talking on your phone if you hear some weird sound then check your car thoroughly by using GPS bug scanner. Take the necessary actions if you find that your car is bugged.

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