12 Common Bipolar symptoms in women

Bipolar, as its name suggests, has two poles, two types of moods, one violent and one much quieter. It is a mental disorder in which the patient’s mood can be extremely violent, or very low due to some hormonal imbalance. It is also called manic depression. Under these extreme conditions, the manic patient may be more easily and quickly irritated than others, and is usually more energetic, angry, recklessly engaging in dangerous activities.

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It is a long term disease that needs continuous treatment throughout life. It is believed that women mostly suffer from the depressive phase of bipolar while men have the episodic manic phase of the disorder. Since obesity, anxiety and thyroid diseases are more common in women than men, it is believed that bipolar symptoms in women are more common than in males.

Bipolar disorder symptoms in females:

Bipolar symptoms in women
Bipolar symptoms in women

If you are talking about the one phase of this disorder “depression”, which is found to be more common in females and the symptoms may be:

  1. Feeling sad and hopeless for no reason, or feeling irritable most of the time
  2. Low energy level
  3. Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
  4. Reduced interest in daily activities
  5. Feelings of emptiness or worthlessness
  6. Feelings of guilt and despair
  7. Feeling down about everything
  8. Lack of self-esteem
  9. Having hallucinations, delusions, and disturbed or illogical thoughts
  10. Loss of appetite
  11. Difficulty sleeping in time
  12. Suicidal thoughts

But on the other hand, the other condition of bipolar disorder “mania” may have the following symptoms:

Bipolar symptoms in women
Bipolar symptoms in women
  1. Feeling more excited, or happy
  2. Talk too fast without making sense
  3. Feel full energetic
  4. Feel important among others
  5. Feeling full of great new ideas and having important projects all the time 
  6. Can be easily distracted
  7. Being easily irritated or agitated, when ignored
  8. Usually having delusions, hallucinations, and disturbed or illogical thoughts
  9. Have non serious behaviour towards your normal sleep
  10. Doing things without thinking, that often have disastrous consequences, such as spending large sums of money on expensive and sometimes unaffordable items just for the sake of mind and to show off your power in front of your friends
  11. Making decisions or saying things without caring for others, that are out of character and that others perceive as dangerous or harmful.

Causes of bipolar disorder in women

One of the most common and prominent causes of this disorder in both men and women is hormonal imbalance, which can cause mood swings. At the onset of bipolar disorder, the patient needs to be consulted by a psychologist, but if the problem becomes too severe, a psychiatrist can also be consulted.

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This disorder requires lifelong appropriate treatment. No one has yet discovered the exact cause of the disorder, but some research suggests that it may be genetic, triggered by anxiety, drug addiction, or extreme trauma from a tragedy. Bipolar symptoms in women may appear during adolescence or young adulthood. Because of ignorance, most people with bipolar disorder suffer for a long time before seeking help because they are unaware that they have it. Bipolar disorder can coexist with other illnesses such as major depression or schizophrenia.


if you or someone you know is having symptoms of bipolar disorder, it is must to seek professional help for check, diagnosis, and appropriate treatment. In the next blogpost we’ll discuss more details about bipolar personality and we’re also going to held a bipolar disorder test for self screening. I hope you this information will be beneficial for you. Stay happy and safe, we’ll get back soon!

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