Bipolar disorder test for self screening

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Screening for bipolar disorder test using MCQs can be an effective step in identifying potential symptoms and risk factors of bipolar disorder. However, it is important to push that a formal checkup should only be made by a better healthcare professional based on a comprehensive evaluation. These 10 screening multiple questions can help raise awareness and encourage individuals to seek further assessment from a mental health specialist or psychiatrist. Here are ten screening MCQs for bipolar disorder is following:

  1. Over the past few weeks, have you experienced periods of unusually high energy levels, increased talkativeness, and a low need for sleep?a) Yes b) No
  2. Have there been times when you felt happy or excited, to the point where it interfered with your daily routine?a) Yes b) No
  3. In the past few weeks, have you gone through periods of feeling continuously sad, hopeless, or lacking interest in all activities you used to enjoy?a) Yes b) No
  4. Have you ever been involved in risky behaviors or impropriate activities during times of heightened mood, which later caused problems in your life?a) Yes b) No
  5. Do you experience sudden and significant mood swings that seem unrelated to external events?a) Yes b) No
  6. Have your friends or family members shown concerns about your energy levels, mood swings, or behavior?a) Yes b) No
  7. Have you ever had thoughts of harming yourself or thoughts to attempt suicide?a) Yes b) No
  8. Do your mood swings and energy levels significantly impact your ability to function at the workspace, school, gym, or in your personal relationships?a) Yes b) No
  9. Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or other mental health problems?a) Yes b) No
  10. Have you ever been treated for depression or other mental health problems in the past?a) Yes b) No


Bipolar disorder test

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Please remember that this is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a screening questionnaire to help identify potential symptoms of bipolar disorder. If you or someone you know shows significant symptoms or concerns related to bipolar disorder, it is crucial to seek professional evaluation from a mental health specialist for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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If there are most “Yes” answers, you should immediately contact any bipolar disorder specialist or psychiatrist. I hope this self-screening test will help you to diagnose this problem. Stay healthy and safe!

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