Signs you’re dating a bipolar man: Tips for treating them


It could be that you are dating a bipolar man, but you are unaware of this fact. So you don’t have to worry, here are some tips for you to know the truth without putting any pressure on your partner. If you are observing some symptoms in your partner, such as having racing thoughts, reckless behavior, extreme agitation, little or no sleep, easily distracted by normal factors, feeling jumpy, or have an increase in well-being, then it means your partner is a bipolar.

Bipolar Symptoms:

These warning symptoms either your partner is in manic phase or in depression, are enough signs you’re dating a bipolar man. It’s time when your partner needs your help and complete care with proper treatment.  Here some of the most common symptoms are as follow:

  • If your partner suffers from bipolar disorder, there will be no compatibility in your relationship and he will feel as if you are no more than his caretaker
  • You may face great burnouts while looking after such partners, as they usually make difficult situations for you and make your life an adventure
  • Your goals and desires become worthless, as you have to sacrifice your desires, dreams and aims to satisfy such people

Once you get these symptoms, you should learn how to deal with such a person and search for different programs, working to treat this disorder that can help your partner to take his control back on his life. These symptoms may be different in males symptoms and females symptoms, as manic phase is mostly seen in males and depression phase is most common in females. This mood disorder swings between extreme low and high conditions, 

Tips for treating bipolar partners:

It is not easy to date a bipolar man. After receiving signs you’re dating a bipolar man, you should know about these tips, so that you can handle them in a better and effective way. Most of these relationships don’t last long, but if you truly love your partner and are committed to your relationship, then you must have a look on theses tips:

  • Try to learn about their case and their disorder, so that you can help them
  • Such people cannot bear the feeling of separation or it is very difficult for them to be without their partner even for a short time, so you should be very careful when saying goodbye to them. First observe their mood, and if you find them relax, then say goodbye otherwise don’t.
  • You need to be more calm with them than usual, because their mental state is not stable 
  • You can seek guidance from a couple counsellor, so that you can put positive efforts for your relationship
  • Take your partner to a center after ensuring him, that you are always with him and will not leave him under any circumstances. This not only gives them confidence for going there, but also increases their willpower and perseverance to overcome the disorder and ensure them to lead a happy life again.
  • You can also do bipolar disorder test for self screening easily.

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